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Buying Direct from a Manufacturer

There are many good choices when it comes to sourcing real estate greeting cards. Retail stores can be a good source, but generally the retail prices are prohibitive, at least when buying in larger quantities. Many businesses have found that sourcing directly from a manufacturer can realize significant savings and achieve the personalization and customization that helps them build their business and their brand.

"We love the quality. I was nervous because they were so inexpensive, but they are perfect for our business to send out." - D. R., Rochester, NY

• A Good Value from an Award-Winning Company

One company that provides good value at a good price is Posty Cards. This US based company is a well-established, award-winning outfit. What distinguishes it from other companies is its extensive offering (Christmas, birthday, other cards to mark significant events, thank you cards, calendars, etc.), and its range of choices in terms of personalization and customization, their sustainable practices, and low prices.


• Low Prices Due to Volume Purchasing

The low price point on their products, most cards below a loonie, at first doesn't square with the price point people are accustomed to - buying cards at retail, sometimes at $5.00 or more.  But as Posty Cards' customers attest the quality is first-rate. They can offer their products at an affordable price due to the volume of each order (minimum 50 cards) and their B2B business model (online shopping sans retail stores). Companies, particularly real estate groups, send out hundreds of cards to strengthen the connection with their customers. So, as one might expect, this kind of volume buying drives the low price point.

You'll find a survey of their prices on both the Christmas Card and All-Occasion Card pages.

• Guarantee                                                                                                               
A plus in doing business with Posty Cards is their guarantee. As with any good online business, they back their products with the promise that if a customer is not satisfied with their order they will either refund their money or replace the order. 

Some Business Greeting Cards,
And Calendars, Available from Posty Cards...

They'll be happy to send you free samples so you can check out the quality. They'll send you a free catalogue as well upon request.

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Comments from Customers

"Posty Cards has saved us money on cards for our employees. We used to spend quite a bit more ordering cards for only 2 occasions. We can now order for multiple occasions due to the price difference. I appreciate the fact that even though the price is lower than many other vendors, the quality is still great."  C.A., Murfreesboro, TN

"I used to order from other companies, but since finding your cards, I always order through you. I find the cards high quality and a variety in selection which I appreciate. All this and a reasonable price. Can't beat it."
                                                                                       - Carol R., Clearfield, UT